Be Sensitive Foundation

We are a registered 501(c)(3) private foundation helping to ensure all children, particularly those identified as under-privileged gifted children, receive the resources and encouragement they deserve to become socially minded contributors of their talent to the community at-large.


We support charitable nonprofits that provide gifted and talented children with instructions that respond to their extraordinary curiosity for meaning and interest to make a meaningful contribution to society at large.

Be More


We seek to ensure that gifted children receive professional educational resources and treatments because the educational curricula and practices received should be the educational practices they need.

Be Effective


We are a catalyst for increased public awareness and support for academic giftedness among a multiplicity of children, encouraging a higher level of participation with charitable organizations.

Be Proud


We are committing significant resources to supporting the needs of nonprofit organizations that are providing innovative responses to the needs of under-served gifted and talented children.

Be Remarkable

"Right now our nation is failing to fully develop the brainpower of some of our brightest students, simply because their families have less money than most other families." - Harold O. Levy, Executive Director, Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.

Click on an image below and discover video portraits of just a few fantastically gifted children.

An IncubatorBe Sensitive Foundation is set to place the education of gifted and talented children back on the social agenda.

The Be Remarkable MovementRaise funds to increase awareness of the learning requirements of the gifted and talented and how they can be addressed.

"Recipients of our scholarships will participate in domestic and international summer programs, provided by major in service-learning institutions and compete in national and international competitions."

Rosaline M. Johnson, Co-Founder