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Rosaline M. Johnson, President, MS, MHA

"Our mission is an important next step in creating a community that makes education even better".

"Because we trust each other, we are more authentically ourselves, we take smart risks and we achieve greater things as a collective than as individuals. This kind of trust does not mean we know everything, but we do believe in our own capacity to succeed. We welcome participation with strategic partners in their philanthropy and are confident in our collective abilities to accomplish our mission. We look forward to working with you to put our strategies into action".

So much of our success is due to trust.

Rosaline is truly a rare bundle of intellectual joy, her infectious energy is abundant, her charm, patience and talents are a testimony to the many reasons why she is so adored. Passionate in her concerns, especially when it involves children, she regularly avails herself to a variety of charitable causes and events.

Rosaline's educational accomplishments are a testament to the enduring value and commitment she places on knowledge. A priviledged member of Kappa Delta Pi (International Honor Society in Education), she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Human Services and Education (Cum Laude) and holds a Master of Science in Organizational Management and Leadership, as well as a Master of Science in Health Services Administration.

Rosaline is an accomplished professional with over 20 years of experience in both the public and private sectors. She is a recipient of honors from the Connecticut Senate, having served 16 years with the Office of the Attorney General. She also served 9 years as a budget analyst with Novant Health, one of the most prestigious nonprofit health organization's in the United States.

Simply put, "Ros" is the true embodiment of the Be Sensitive-Be Remarkable Movement.

100 Million Strong

"The Be Sensitive Foundation vision began as a result of an article from Wired Magazine, November 18, 2013 .

We are engaged in the shifting of mindsets and embracing lateral thinking, while emphasizing the interplay between social responsibility and the dynamic interactions between not-for-profit and for-profit methodologies. Be Remarkable Projects are simply the right step forward to strengthing social innovation and education initiatives." James e. Woody , Founder


We seek to provide financial support to thousands of high-achieving, low-income students with generous scholarships for arts, science, technology and humanities studies.

Be More


With your help we can bring public awareness to the endeavors of exceptional teachers and institutions providing gifted and talented children with tangible resources.

Be Effective


We seek to recognize and applaud the accomplishments of nonprofits. Their efforts increase access to educational resources and advanced learning opportunities for G&T children.

Be Proud


Our work involves building relationships between impact investors and brands, to help boost a collective performance and develop a differentiated advantage.

Be Remarkable